Achieve 20-30% revenue growth without increased marketing expenses

through Human Customer Service on Social Networks

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What you get?

Organize messages and comments

More leads = more saLes

More free time for you and your employees

Create a robust rapport with your customers:​

  • Efficiently managing all incoming messages
  • Ensuring comprehensive coverage of all inquiries
  • Delivering prompt and accurate answers
  • Employing proactive follow-up communications
  • Equipping readily customizable response templates
  • Responsiveness during and beyond  your regular business hours
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Comments moderation​:

  • Turn cold interested parties into potential customers
  • Thoroughly address all posts and comments on platforms where your business maintains an active presence
  • Manage negative reactions effectively to safeguard the company’s positive reputation
  • Deleting spam comments

Lead collection from all platforms​

  • Streamline lead transfer to the business’s CRM system
  • Enhance efficiency for your team
  • Provide round-the-clock responsiveness, including weekends
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Collaborative Success:

  • Gain in-depth understanding of your business and tailor our approach to meet your specific requirements
  • Resolve customer issues in real-time and facilitate seamless transfers to relevant departments

Customers recommend

“Tanya's response services for ProDrive have been a game changer for us. Our sales have soared since she took charge of managing our social media interactions.
Tanya and her team respond promptly and accurately in three languages, providing personalized attention to every customer.
They consult with our experts when needed, ensuring professional answers.
Tanya is honest, reliable, and delivers excellent service. Working with her has been a pleasure, and our clients love her too. If you want to enhance customer satisfaction and boost your business, I highly recommend Tanya's services. She's a true professional who brings outstanding results. Reach out to her and watch your business thrive!”
Remi Samuel
"Tanya is an absolute professional to work with. She possesses a keen eye for the big picture, anticipating and solving problems effortlessly. Her dedication goes beyond expectations, ensuring essential aspects are never missed, benefiting the brand, reputation, and revenue.
Tanya's communication skills and ability to analyze situations are remarkable. She excels in organization and prioritization, delivering outstanding results.
I've worked with her across multiple businesses and highly recommend her services. Tanya provides exceptional value for money, making a significant impact on your business. Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with her!”


The pricing is determined based on the average monthly number of inquiries, the complexity of responses required, the available hours for support, and the number of representatives assigned to the page.

Currently, we do not offer chat bot services. However, if we do introduce them in the future, they will be integrated alongside our human response approach.

We respond on various business pages across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google Business, Google Play, Apple Store.

We initiate an introductory meeting to familiarize ourselves with your business and proceed to sign an agreement. We then connect to your social media accounts and designate a point of contact for handling inquiries. To ensure a fresh start, we review correspondence from the past six months. Collaboratively, we will prepare response templates and build a database of common questions and answers.

Our approach is primarily focused on written communication, as we have found that 65% of online applicants prefer written correspondence over phone calls, especially in the initial stages. However, if specifically requested, we can accommodate proactive phone calls.

No, our services exclusively revolve around written communication on social networks. Most of our clients have their own sales departments, and we ensure synchronization with them for a seamless customer experience.

About us

backk, tanya shin

Allow me to share a personal incident from approximately two years ago. I found myself stranded on a highway with a car issue and urgently needed assistance from both my insurance company and an emergency service organization. To my dismay, I encountered automated bots in both instances, repeatedly asking me for details that I had already provided. Meanwhile, I remained stressed and stranded, unable to move forward.
That critical moment highlighted the dire need for human interaction. I had experienced this frustration far too often and desired a service where a real person would respond, understand, and effectively address my concerns. This issue extends beyond just small companies; even larger entities and authorities fall victim to the same inadequacies. Motivated by these experiences, I made a personal commitment to be the person on the other end of the line, whether it's on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or through chat services. I recognized the necessity for a change and decided to start small with the aspiration of achieving something grand. By prioritizing human interaction, we can bridge the gap between automated systems and genuine customer needs. This belief drives our dedication to providing a service where every individual receives the care, attention, and support they deserve. Let us join forces to transform the digital landscape and create a future where human service is the norm.